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Corvus UTV

Corvus are the only UTVs fully designed and manufactured in Europe. With the Diesel model using the YANMAR 3 cylinder engine. All Corvus UTVs are fully homologated to T1b Tractor for road legal use. Manufactured since 2018 in Europe continuing on from Yanmar UTVs ( manufacturing in the USA. Yanmar own 70% of Corvus and have a very close relationship.

Due to manufacture & parts sourced in Europe, there is a very good availability with order to delivery in as little as 1 week.

Roberts Rural take to hassle out of sourcing your UTV. We will come to your home or business address with the model of your choice for demonstration. Contact us on 01460 923128 or [email protected]

From £17,499*

*all prices excluding VAT, delivery and RFL

Corvus Terrain DX4

The new TerrainDX4 follows in the tracks of its predecessor, but with improvements that make it undoubtedly superior. A powerful and robust 4×4 diesel vehicle, generous storage and load capacity, fully prepared to excel in farmland, forestry work, stock breeding and maintenance services.

Corvus Terrain EX4

An electric UTV capable of successfully tackling the toughest working days thanks to its OFF-ROAD capabilities. The new TERRAIN EX4 offers high load capacity, lower maintenance cost and high vehicle durability, with precise power for your every working need.

Corvus Terrain GX4

The Terrain GX4s is a perfect example of a vehicle with unadulterated Off-Road DNA. Its powerful 570 EFI petrol engine and its 4×4 differential lock system, provide the Terrain GX4s with unmatched power. An authentic and ideally sized all-terrain vehicle.